Combat Shooting Solutions
Surviving Armed Encounters
Tactical Pistol Course
Class Description
This 8 hour in-depth course of instruction introduces advanced shooters to the principles of tactical point shooting.  Students will be responsible for providing the following items to participate in this class:

1. Personally owned handgun and 250 rounds of ammunition (pistols or double action revolvers only)
2. Personally owned hip style holster made for their handgun (the trigger guard area must be completely covered when holstered to be allowable)
3. Personal hearing and eye protection. (prescription glasses acceptable)
Experience Restrictions apply:  See below for signup requirements.

This class is designed for the advanced shooter who can load, draw, fire, clear and holster their firearm while following range commands, without hesitation or personal instruction.   For safety reasons, students need to meet a certain level of experience to attend this course.  Applicants who are currently CCW card holders, certified or retired peace officers or have military training and possess a DD Form 214 with a pistol qualification are welcome to sign-up.  Graduates of either the NRA Pistol Course, Personal Protection In The Home Course or are an Arizona State CCW Card Holder may also apply. 

Applicants who do not meet any of these categories are encouraged go click on the "Class Description" menu button to locate course dates for the two NRA courses listed above.  You may also sign-up for either NRA class by going to the NRA website to find available class dates in your area.

Course Objective

The course is designed to give students the ability to shoot accurately up to 7 yards, without using the gun's sights . Students will be able to draw and fire five rounds at a 13 X 24 inch target from a distance of 7 yards in under 2.5 seconds.  All five rounds must be on the target.  Instilling this level of confidence in the shooter's mind is key to giving him/her the edge in surviving an armed encounter. 

Class Outline
After a brief lecture on the principles involving instinctive point shooting and range safety briefing, students will proceed to the range and apply those principles through practical exercises on the range: Class starts at 8:00 AM and breaks at noon for an how lunch break.