Combat Shooting Solutions
Surviving Armed Encounters
Pistol / M4 Assault Rifle
Class Description
This course gives the officer the basic shooting techniques for point shooting with the pistol and M-4 rifle. Through the use of our techniques, we will extend each officer's effective range from the 1 yard line to the 7 with the pistol and double that again with the M-4. Once again, officers must show their skill by shoot five rounds, in under 2.5 second, with all five finding the target.

Class Outline
After a brief lecture on the principles involving instinctive point shooting and range safety rules, officers will proceed to the range and apply those principals through practical exercises on the range: 

This 8 hour course of instruction will consist of four hours of pistol and two hours of M-4 Rifle training. Followed by one hour of night fire orientation on each weapon system.
During this eight hour block of instruction officers will be introduced to the principles of instinctive point shooting.  The officer will be required to bring his duty weapon and 200 rounds of duty or practice ammunition as well as one department issue M-4 assault rifle and 100 rounds of soft point .223 ammunition. 

Course Objective
Utilizing point shooting techniques, officers will draw and fire five rounds at a 13 X 24 inch target from a distance of 7 yards in under 2.5 seconds.  All five rounds must be on the target.

The same method of instruction will be utilized during training with the M-4.  Target distances for the M-4 will vary from 7 yards out to 25 yards.  Still building on the basics of point shooting, we will extend his range out past 7 yards, firing five rounds from a modified high search position, scoring five hits on 13" x 24" target in under 2.5 seconds.